Q?How often should I attend?

In general, weekly psychotherapy sessions works best for most people. I am happy to discuss what will fit best with you and your schedule.




Q?How long does therapy take?

This is an excellent question with no simple answer. Psychological and emotional difficulties are often highly complex and specific to the individual. Some people have a clear shorter-term goal, like “to get out of a bad relationship.” Other people have more long-term goals related to deep and painful experiences that take more time to explore. I systematically monitor my patients’ progress toward their goals throughout treatment by using brief psychological measurement tools.

Q?Does psychotherapy actually work and if so, how?

Yes, absolutely. While there are differing theories and approaches to psychotherapy, one thing is clear from the research: psychotherapy works. Psychotherapy works on how you think and feel and behave. It helps you gain clarity, identify issues and obstructions, and allows you to find ways to deal with these obstructions. I encourage to read the “About me” section on my website, an in particular, the “How Psychotherapy Works“ section.